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Everyone knows that. Porzellanikon benefits greatly from a diverse network of partners comprising institutions and people who are fascinated by our museums and support our work.

It goes without saying that we also require financial support – and we would once again like to thank all those who have contributed in this way. But we must also mention the numerous gifts we have received from porcelain collectors, the support we get from the members of our “Förderverein” (Museum Friends’ Association), the many excited museum-goers who come back again with their friends and relatives, acquiring new friends for us in the process. We can rely on an excellent regional, national and even international network of partners with whom we collaborate on projects. We also receive assistance from the European Union through its culture programmes. We would not be able to offer everything we do without their support.

Institutional partnerships

Partnerships as part of EU Projects


Porcelain industry

Classic manufactories

Industrial companies in Germany

Industry outside of Germany

Technical ceramics

Public bodies (districts, towns, communities)


  • DKG – Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft
  • ECerS – Europäische Keramische Gesellschaft

UNIC – Urban Network for Innovation in Ceramics

World Route of Ceramics
The following places including Porzellanikon are members: