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Public tenders of Porzellanikon

Current tenders of Porzellanikon

Porzellanikon uses the Bavarian awarding platform for its public tenders and participation competitions.

Tenders are prepared completely online on the awarding platform. Bidders or applicants can process the documents electronically and submit a bid there after a one-time registration. We only accept offers electronically transmitted via this platform. The use of the awarding platform is of course free of charge.

Technical requirements:
- a PC with any operating system (Microsoft, LINUX or MacOS)
- Internet access - an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari)
- an e-mail address

If you have any questions concerning the awarding platform, the Healy Hudson hotline is available:
Phone: + 49 611 94910683 
E-Mail: kundendienst(at)

Information about awarded contracts

Porzellanikon provides information at this point in accordance with § 30 Para. 1 UVgO about contracts awarded from a contract value of 25,000 euros, provided that they were put out to tender without a public competition.


Selb, den 25.03.2021
Auftraggeber: Porzellanikon – Staatliches Museum für Porzellan, Werner-Schürer-Platz 1, 95100 Selb
Auftragnehmer: Zum Kuckuck GmbH & Co., Burkarderstr., 36, 97082 Würzburg
Vergabeart: beschränkteAusschreibung ohne öffentlichen Teilnahmewettbewerb nach UVgO
Leistung: Programmierung und Design einer neuen Webseite für das Porzellanikon