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The association "Fichtelgebirgsverein e. V." with its 15,000 members and the Porzellanikon – State Museum for Porcelain – with both its locations in Selb (Factory & Technology) and in Hohenberg a.d. Eger (Villa & Collection) rank among the largest institutions in the region. Since October 2020, they are working together to create exceptional experiences for the members of the association.

The collaboration between the Porzellanikon and the "Fichtelgebirgsverein" is not only of importance for both institutions, but also for the region itself. Porcelain has always been an integral part of the area. For the Porzellanikon, this cooperation provides the opportunity to make porcelain craftsmanship accessible to a large audience. Nature and culture already go hand in hand for a long time, as the region is shaped by two identities: local pride on one hand, represented by the "Fichtelgebirgsverein", and the history of porcelain production on the other hand, represented by the Porzellanikon. Both go together extraordinarily well and can further be strengthened through this initiative.

Members of the "Fichtelgebirgsverein" can choose from the following offers:


View of the exhibition The Working and Living Conditions of Porcelain Workers in Europe. ©Porzellanikon Photo: Andreas Gießler
View of the exhibition The Working and Living Conditions of Porcelain Workers in Europe. ©Porzellanikon Photo: Andreas Gießler

NExperience an exciting and eventful guided tour through the Porzellanikon in Selb (Factory & Technology) with your local group. Please choose from one of the following tours:

  • Manufacturing of porcelain (also featuring live demonstrations by former porcelain workers)
  • The Working and Living Conditions of Porcelain Workers in Europe
  • The Exhibition "Rosenthal Department"
  • or the current special exhibition

The first 10 groups receive this offer for 39 € per guided tour + museum admission. The following groups receive this offer for 49 € per guided tour + museum admission.

Complete your visit to the museum with a shopping experience: with your museum admission ticket you can shop at special rates at the following outlet shops: Rosenthal Outlet Center in Selb, Outlet Center Selb (OCS) in Selb as well as Feiler Outlet Shop in Hohenberg a.d. Eger.


Painting cups with themes from the Fichtelgebirge. ©Porzellanikon, Photo: Andreas Gießler
Painting cups with themes from the Fichtelgebirge. ©Porzellanikon, Photo: Andreas Gießler

Engage in an extraordinarily creative activity with your local group: become a porcelain painter and paint motifs you know from your hikes. First you take part in a short guided tour of the permanent exhibition on porcelain painting at the Porzellanikon in Selb. Afterwards, you can paint a scene from the Fichtelgebirge on a mug in our "Kreativ-Fabrik" (factory of creativity). You can choose from the highlights, hiking in the Fichtelgebirge has to offer and all of which you certainly already know about: "Ochsenkopf", "Kösseine", "Waldstein" and "Kornberg". This way you can take your favourite mountain home with you.

The museum's special educational programme "Porcelain Painting" can be booked for groups of at least 10 people.
Offer: valid until 1 November 2021 Free entry for participants under 18 years of age, 1€ discount for adults

Costs: 3€ for materials per person + museum admission (1€ discount)


Again and again, articles on the subject of “Porcelain” are published in your members' magazine "Siebenstern". Wolfgang Schilling, the museum's chief curator for economic, technical and social history, is the first to write interesting articles on the history of porcelain production, technical ceramics or the life and work of porcelain workers. Each article contains a question for you to answer. This, however, will not be difficult for you, since you know your region well. Among all correct entries (wolfgang.schilling(at), the winner and nine other association-members will receive a free guided tour of the exhibition presented in the respective article. Wolfgang Schilling will guide you through the museum.

Bookings via +49 9287 918000 or besuchercenter(at)

Here you can download an overview of the programmes as a PDF file.

Here you can find the press release covering the cooperation with the "Fichtelgebirgsverein e.V.".