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  • Porzellanikon Selb

  • Porzellanikon Hohenberg a.d. Eger

A museum of diversity

Europe's largest museum specialising in porcelain with its locations in Selb and Hohenberg an der Eger is located in the middle of the North-East Bavarian porcelain region. Over 200 years of history have turned porcelain production into the dominant industry here, which still is very important today.

Porcelain is a cultural heritage that is closely linked to our everyday life, whether as tableware and thus part of our eating culture, whether as a figurine or ornamental article as part of a diverse artistic development, or as material for technical purposes, such as the insulator. The Porzellanikon documents and presents all of this on an exhibition space of around 10,000 square metres and by means of the largest collection of German porcelain from around 250 years.

Welcome to the museum
To help you plan your visit to our museum, you can download the museum tour for both locations here.

Our recommendation: daily demonstrations
What does a drum mill sound like or how loud is a steam engine? How is a cup jolleyed? Is a sugar bowl poured out of a jug? Experience the production first-hand at several exhibition stations in the Porzellanikon Selb.