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Hohenberg an der Eger Events

This page informs you about current events at Porzellanikon in Hohenberg an der Eger. 

Since time immemorial, porcelain companies have been making fascinating products for Advent and Christmas. With Christmas plates, angels, candlesticks and much more, we get in the mood for the holiday. Then we create Christmas tree decorations. With porcelain pieces and colorful paint, we create magical pendants for the Christmas tree. After we have finished our works, we will end the afternoon with coffee, cake and relaxed chatting.Price: 9,50 € plus museum admission (incl. guided tour, workshop as well as coffee and cake) with registration at besuchercenter(at) or +49 9287 918000read more …

Hohenberg, Senioren
BEGIN: 14.12.22, 14:00 
END: 14.12.22, 16:00 

What actually happened at the Meissen State Porcelain Manufactory during the second half of the 20th century? Quite a lot! The young artists from the "Artistic Development" department got things rolling with their designs in Meissen porcelain. They continued the tradition of the manufactory, while at the same time giving it a thoroughly new coat of paint. They included Ludwig Zepner, Heinz Werner, Peter Strang, Rudi Stolle, Volkmar Bretschneider, Jörg Danielczyk, Sabine Wachs, Silvia Klöde, Gudrun Gaube, Andreas Ehret, Olaf Fieber and Andreas Herten. In particular, the unique art that emerged from the 1970s onwards ushered in a new era in the manufactory. Such objects from more …

Hohenberg, UNIKATE Veranstaltungen
BEGIN: 08.01.23, 14:30 
END: 08.01.23, 17:00 

Valuable porcelain treasures tell of life at the princely court. Finely laid porcelain tables or porcelain figurines were an integral part of court life. Collectors like Augustus the Strong, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, even presented porcelain in their own palace. But what do porcelain objects tell us about the toilet and clothing at court? We will explore these questions together and let ourselves be enchanted by the white gold in our villa in Hohenberg. Afterwards, one of our porcelain experts will show you how to paint your own fine tableware.Price: €10 plus museum admission (incl. guided tour, creative programme and coffee and cake), with registration more …

Hohenberg, Veranstaltungen, Senioren
BEGIN: 18.01.23, 14:00 
END: 18.01.23, 16:00 

Our experts will take a closer look at your heirlooms, storage finds or favourite pieces of porcelain on the already legendary expert days. Up to three porcelains per visitor can be examined by the expert duo. (Almost) no information about origin, edition size or year of creation remains hidden. A good opportunity to rummage through the farthest nooks and crannies of attics and cellars. Price: Museum admission, with registration. read more …

Hohenberg, Veranstaltungen
BEGIN: 19.01.23, 10:00 
END: 19.01.23, 17:00 

This is what our curator Thomas Miltschus' heart beats for in particular, namely 18th century porcelain. He could talk about it for hours with great passion. But don't worry, his tours are very entertaining and very exciting. That's why this Kulturkaffee is all about that. Thomas Miltschus will take you on an inspiring journey through time. You will learn everything that 18th century porcelain reveals about this epoch, what made it so precious and so special back then, why it was not only on the table but also on the wall and not to forget - the colourful world of porcelain figurines!At the coffee/tea table afterwards, there will be an opportunity to talk to each other and the curator in more …

Hohenberg, Veranstaltungen
BEGIN: 08.02.23, 14:00 
END: 08.02.23, 16:00 

This is about drinking coffee, tea and chocolate in style. The hot drinks were the fashionable beverages of the 18th century and are still part of a cosy get-together today. How has drinking culture changed over the centuries and why do tea and coffee pots still look different today? We will explore these questions during the short guided tour. Afterwards, you can try your hand at painting porcelain yourself and create works of art with the help of our experienced expert.Price: 10 € plus museum admission (incl. guided tour, creative programme and coffee and cake), with registration at besuchercenter(at) or phone: +49 9287 918000read more …

Hohenberg, Veranstaltungen, Senioren
BEGIN: 15.03.23, 14:00 
END: 15.03.23, 16:00