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Hohenberg an der Eger Events

This page informs you about current events at Porzellanikon in Hohenberg an der Eger. 

Cultural and culinary delights in an extraordinary ambience. The mixture of a 4-course menu and an entertaining introduction to the current special exhibition against the backdrop of magnificent porcelain has been a visitor success since 2015. This time the tour starts with a tour through the new special exhibition FORMVOLLENDET - Keramikdesign by Hans-Wilhelm Seitz. The charming head curator Petra Werner will present highlights of the ceramic artist, who will also be present. Gourmets and friends of fine cuisine will be spoiled by the private and gourmet chef Chriz Bauer from Munich. With registration until 27.09.2020Price: 59,00 € per person per card (wine included + Expertise, , more …

Hohenberg, Veranstaltungen, FORMVOLLENDET Veranstaltungen
BEGIN: 16.10.20, 18:00 Uhr
END: 16.10.20, 23:00 Uhr

Royal gala tables, upper middle-class dinners and the table of the "simple" citizen had one thing in common: they were usually covered with porcelain - from richly decorated to very simple designs. On a tour with curator Thomas Miltschus, you can find out what has changed over the course of time, who copied from whom, what has taken over, and what influence changing eating and serving habits had on it. A journey rich in history awaits you through the world of table and serving culture. At the subsequent coffee/tea table, there will be an opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and with the curator in a relaxed atmosphere. In cooperation with the European Route of Ceramics more …

Veranstaltungen, Hohenberg
BEGIN: 28.10.20, 14:00 Uhr
END: 28.10.20, 17:00 Uhr

Our experts will take a closer look at your heirlooms, memorabilia or favourite porcelain items during the already legendary Expert Days. Up to 3 exhibits per visitor can be examined by the museum's expert team. (Almost) no information about the origin, number of copies or year of production remains hidden. A good opportunity to browse the furthest corners and nooks of attics and cellars.For the small appetite coffee and cake as well as hearty snacks are sold.Price: museum entrance feeread more …

Hohenberg, Veranstaltungen
BEGIN: 12.11.20, 10:00 Uhr
END: 12.11.20, 17:00 Uhr

A tour of the new exhibition with senior curator Petra Werner is a captivating and unique experience. In an entertaining and very well-founded way, the connoisseur introduces interested visitors to the facts of this exhibition. Learn more about the tableware, ornamental articles as well as roof tiles by the ceramic artist Hans-Wilhelm Seitz. In cooperation with the European Route of Ceramics Entrance fee: 1,00 € Sunday admission plus 3,50 € for the guided tourread more …

Hohenberg, Veranstaltungen, FORMVOLLENDET Veranstaltungen
BEGIN: 22.11.20, 14:30 Uhr
END: 22.11.20, 16:00 Uhr