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A museum of diversity and experience

The Porzellanikon is one of the major exhibition sites in the ranks of state museums in Bavaria. With 2,000 square metres at its location in Hohenberg an der Eger and 8,000 square metres of exhibition space in Selb, there is no equivalent to the showcasing of porcelain in Europe. The same applies to the content. Porcelain is the central topic; its facets are examined from different perspectives:

  • It documents the development of form and decoration, artistic porcelain and decorative articles.
  • Based on the experience of original settings, it shows the production process from the invention of European porcelain in 1708 to the most modern industrial processes.
  • It is dedicated to the social and economic history of the European porcelain industry in a separate area.
  • It showcases for innovation in technical ceramics.
  • It presents the icons of modern porcelain design and names their creators.
  • It not only illustrates the trends and tendencies in the design of the present, but also leaves room for the current artistic debate on the multi-faceted methods of hand painting and their interpretation today.
  • Located in a former Rosenthal porcelain factory, this large monument also explores the "Rosenthal myth" in the Rosenthal exhibition, where this special spirit can even be felt in the scenography.

The Porzellanikon - a museum of diversity, lively, informative, providing experiences for a wide range of target groups and almost all age groups. In its orientation it is today the central institution for documentation and presentation. As a partner of the universities and industry, it provides impulses for the porcelain industry in the present and the future.

Ceramics moves

What does ceramics mean to me? What does the future of ceramics look like? What does it mean for society?

We received answers from curators, passers-by, people from the ceramics industry, actors, artists, students, museum staff from Finland, Serbia, Latvia, Great Britain, Italy, Slovenia and Germany. The film "Talking Heads" with the personal statements shows how present ceramics is in our society. The interviews were created within the framework of the EU project "Ceramics and its Dimensions". Porzellanikon was in charge of the entire project. We thank the sponsors, partners and supporters.

The institution defines itself through the research and resultant presentation of the history of European porcelain. The museum sees itself as a forum and innovation centre for design of the present and the future. Joint exhibitions and an intensive exchange of ideas are cultivated with all manufacturers of the porcelain industry in Germany and several abroad, some even as far away as Asia. The Porzellanikon is an expert within the industry and is consulted as such. It partners with research institutes in Germany and Europe.