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Porzellanikon for Travel Groups

Porzellanikon in Hohenberg an der Eger and Selb is always worth a visit! Porcelain is a multifaceted material that enables the museum to reinvent itself again and again in various exhibitions.

Group tours
We offer special 1-1.5-hour guided tours for travel groups that can be booked for all Permanent Exhibitions and also (on request) for Special Exhibitions.

We do our best to meet your requests for special topics and can even provide multilingual guides. We can also offer guided tours for several groups at the same time. Contact our Visitor Centre for more details besuchercenter(at) or call +49 9287 91800-0.

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Porcelain Trip with Outlet Shopping
A theme that still thrives in this region: porcelain! The Fichtelgebirge (Fichtel Mountains) and neighbouring Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate) regions are still the heart of the European and German porcelain industry. Companies like Rosenthal are among the leading names in the industry. If you are interested in finding out something about porcelain today then you simply must pay a visit to Porzellanikon – Staatliches Museum für Porzellan, Hohenberg an der Eger / Selb. Everything in the museum is authentic. Live Demonstrations show visitors in a fun and interesting way the Production methods and history of “White Gold”. Excellent scenography and audiovisual media invite visitors to marvel at the exhibits and learn more. Lifestyle, Art and Design of the past, present and future – Porzellanikon is always reinventing itself.

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