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Porzellanikon for Travel Groups

Porzellanikon offers exciting group programs for all those who are curious, hungry for experience and eager to discover.

Group tours
We offer special 1-1.5-hour guided tours for travel groups that can be booked for all Permanent Exhibitions and also (on request) for Special Exhibitions.

We do our best to meet your requests for special topics and can even provide multilingual guides. We can also offer guided tours for several groups at the same time. Contact our Visitor Centre for more details besuchercenter(at) or call +49 9287 91800-0.

More information about our Guided Tours.

Porcelain Trip with Outlet Shopping
A theme that still thrives in this region: porcelain! The Fichtelgebirge (Fichtel Mountains) and neighbouring Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate) regions are still the heart of the European and German porcelain industry. Companies like Rosenthal are among the leading names in the industry. If you are interested in finding out something about porcelain today then you simply must pay a visit to Porzellanikon – Staatliches Museum für Porzellan, Hohenberg an der Eger / Selb. Everything in the museum is authentic. Live Demonstrations show visitors in a fun and interesting way the Production methods and history of “White Gold”. Excellent scenography and audiovisual media invite visitors to marvel at the exhibits and learn more. Lifestyle, Art and Design of the past, present and future – Porzellanikon is always reinventing itself.

Take a look at our Flyer for more information.

Individual guided tours (with advance reservation):
For larger groups, we offer individual, interactive tours where adults and children get their money's worth. We will take you on a personalized and thematically tailored tour of our museum.

90 minutes
Group size:
up to a maximum of 20 people
Cost: 39 € per guided tour (plus museum admission)

Creative program (with advance reservation):
We are also happy to offer groups the opportunity to get creative themselves. Round off a visit to the museum with one of the creative programs that you can book at our Creative Factory.

You can choose from the following offers:

Porcelain painting
Porcelain modeling
Designing lanterns

Duration: 60-90 minutes
Group size: up to ma. 20 people
Cost: 29 € per group, Material costs 3 € children *reduced; 5 € adults; plus museum entrance fee.

For questions and bookings, please contact our museum education department at besuchercenter(a)

Senior programmes at Porzellanikon Hohenberg a.d. Eger

Dear visitors Porzellanikon Hohenberg offers a varied programme for groups of senior citizens. During an entertaining short guided tour on various topics, we discover the porcelain treasures together. Afterwards, you can get active yourself in our workshop. How about modelling with ceramic clay, painting porcelain or creating porcelain figurines? An experienced expert will help you to turn your inspirations from the exhibition into your very own personal porcelain piece. Over coffee and cake we will then round off the afternoon in a cosy and relaxed chat.

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours
Cost per person: 12 €
Recommended group size: 15 people. Up to four groups possible at the same time.
Booking of individual appointments: By telephone on +499287 91800666 or By e-mail at besuchercenter(at)
Address: Schirndinger Straße 48, 95691 Hohenberg an der Eger

Guided tours to choose from:
Special exhibition "Luxury, Wellness, Porcelain - A Day at the Bohemian Spa". (bookable from April 2023)
Together we will take a journey back in time to the 19th century, when high society took a cure in the Bohemian spa triangle of Karlovy Vary, Marienbad and Franzensbad. Famous personalities such as the Austrian Empress Sisi travelled to Bohemia to strengthen their health through drinking cures, exercise or baths. Together we experience the daily routine of a spa guest and encounter the luxurious porcelain of the Bohemian porcelain factories.

Colourful drinking culture
This is about drinking coffee, tea and chocolate in style. These hot beverages were the fashionable drinks of the 18th century and are still part of a cosy get-together today. How has drinking culture changed over the centuries and why do tea and coffee pots still look different today? We will explore these questions during the short guided tour.

Fantastic animal creatures
Porcelain animal figures were already very popular with porcelain lovers in the 18th century. How has the design changed since then and which animals have been depicted? Together we will go in search of clues under the motto "Fantastic Beasts". We will discover elephants, cats, birds and many other exotic animals such as lions, rhinos and co.

White gold - everyday life at court

Valuable porcelain treasures tell of life at the princely court. Finely laid porcelain tables and porcelain figurines were an integral part of court life. Collectors such as Augustus the Strong, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, even presented porcelain in their own palace. But what do porcelain objects tell us about the toilet and clothing at court? We will explore these questions together and let ourselves be enchanted by the white gold in our villa in Hohenberg.

Creative programmes to choose from:
Painting porcelain
: A large selection of porcelain figures and tableware is available for painting.
Designing porcelain figurines: Imaginative and colourfully decorated figures can be made from shards.
Modelling with ceramic clay: With imagination and creativity, you can create your own animal figures.

Here you can download an overview of the activities for senior citizens.

How are cups turned? Visitors can find out, for example, on a guided tour. ©Porzellanikon