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White Oasis & Leading Lights

The museums in Selb and Hohenberg an der Eger hold around 1,000 exciting objects made by Helmut Drexler (b. 1927). Unique masterpieces of design and craftsmanship are displayed in the two exhibition rooms, “White Oasis” and “Leading Lights”.

The porcelain maker is known throughout the Selb area and beyond as a very unconventional and tireless artist who – because of his true devotion to the art of making porcelain – lives with this “White Gold” and always finds new ways to give it shape and expression. His vast knowledge constantly leads him to grand experiments and into the realm of the unknown.

Imperfection as an aesthetic component

In the “White Oasis” in Selb you will find works with which the distinguished master embarks on the path of formal redesign. Drexler creates new porcelain objects that he builds himself by hand without the use of plaster moulds. He also adds splintered porcelain, i.e. shards of vases and other objects that he smashes with a hammer. As with his glazes, he once again works with these (purposely created) imperfections, using this “catastrophe” as an aesthetic component. Drexler then joins these in part complicated volumes together after the glost firing. This is yet another example of how the porcelain enthusiast is not afraid to break taboos if this serves his artistic purpose. “White Oasis” is a department that is flooded with light and exudes peace and tranquillity. The magnificence of the many vases, objects and porcelain images decorated with gold and lustre glazes is bright and clear in this room.

The “Leading Lights” right next door have an entirely different character. Submerged in mystical darkness, pinpointed spots of light make these exquisite, lavishly decorated pieces glow.

An impressive wall of porcelain as high as the ceiling awaits visitors to Porzellanikon Hohenberg an der Eger. It is a special installation by Helmut Drexler to commemorate the opening of the extension.