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This page informs you about current events at Porzellanikon in Selb.

SE RETURN OF SE NORMAL ONEHere the xenophobic Syrian, there the vegan hunter, there Achim, Jürgen and Rolf, as always four in a six-pack, all inclusive. Everything seems the same as always, and remains just as different. Times change, Miller remains - dry as ever, in his inimitable complacency. "Me, myself and I". With "OBACHT MILLER" Miller finally succeeds in giving his nameless character a name in the fourth programme. You have a free choice, because you are guaranteed to know such a freelancer of ignorance in your environment, and only an ironic "Eiwanfrei" will help. 23.10.2020, CASH&CARTER Songs & Stories mit Mariana Jay und Roman more …

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BEGIN: 02.10.20, 20:00 Uhr
END: 02.10.20, 23:00 Uhr

If you've always wanted to get really spooked, Halloween is the perfect time to do so! Our factory walls come to life in the dark and are full of all sorts of scary creatures who play tricks on the costumed museum guests. Armed with flashlights, we bravely set off in search of the porcelain ghost, maybe we'll even find its treasure?!real ghosts and bloodsuckers welcome! With registration under or +49 9287-918000 from 7 years onread more …

Veranstaltungen, Selb
BEGIN: 31.10.20, 19:00 Uhr
END: 31.10.20, 20:00 Uhr

We catch the first autumn leaves around the museum and use them to create very personal porcelain decorative objects. These creative autumn leaves welcome the fresh season into your own home! Including an adventure tour through our porcelain production. The results can be collected from us in the museum approx. 2 weeks after firing. Price: 3,00 € Material costsWith registration or +49 9287-918000 from 6 years onread more …

Veranstaltungen, Selb
BEGIN: 03.11.20, 10:00 Uhr
END: 03.11.20, 12:30 Uhr

A different kind of Advent wreath! Without prickly needles, but with ore holders made of pure white gold! Together we, big and small, are tinkering with the anticipation of the approaching Christmas season. he light decoration made of a piece of natural wood, including a fixation for four personally painted porcelain holders, immerses your own four walls in a pre-Christmas Advent atmosphere. A selection of candles is available. Incl. experience tour through our porcelain production. Price: 3,00 € material costs, Adults pay an additional 1,00 € Sunday entrance feeWith registration or +49 9287-918000read more …

Veranstaltungen, Selb
BEGIN: 15.11.20, 14:30 Uhr
END: 15.11.20, 17:00 Uhr

Printing objects in 3D yourself - what still sounds like music of the future opens up unimagined possibilities for artists and designers today. Exploring these was the goal of a competition organized by the "Keramion" museum in Frechen. The ten selected winners are now stopping off at Porzellanikon in Selb.The objects are presented in a highly filigree way, which no ceramist with traditional techniques can match. Creative, experimental and diverse, the objects show what 3D printing can do. The spectrum ranges from architectural designs and pieces of jewellery to absolute highlights for furnishing your own home. But also the answer to the question of HOW leaves nothing to more …

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BEGIN: 19.11.20, 18:00 Uhr
END: 19.11.20, 20:00 Uhr

TOTALES BAMBERGER CABARET – WANN, WENN NICHT WIR?The time is ripe. Ripe for heroes. Ripe for the men of TBC - three superheroes trapped in the bodies of underrated and overpaid cabaret artists (or the other way around). On their latest mission, Germany's longest-serving cabaret trio fights against fake news, perceived truths and deliberate confusion. Because the sea level is rising, but the inhibition threshold is sinking and the media are not as social as they always are. With their crazy mixture of furious sketches and biting songs the Franconian "Driemdiem" Georg Koeniger, Michael A. Tomis and Florian Hoffmann tear their audience from their seats. Further dates:15.01.2021, more …

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There is still a yawning emptiness in our giant Advent calendar - our Selfling Elves need help urgently! 24 little doors are waiting to be filled! In our CREATIVE FACTORY you can draw from the full. Do you think you have enough ideas to fill all the doors? We will put up the finished Advent calendar together in the museum. And if you follow us in the Advent season in the social media, you can wait in anticipation of when it's your turn to open your door. Including an adventure tour through our porcelain production. Price: 3,00 € material costs. Adults pay an additional 1,00 € Sunday entrance feeWith registration under or +49 9287-918000read more …

Veranstaltungen, Selb
BEGIN: 29.11.20, 14:30 Uhr
END: 29.11.20, 17:00 Uhr

The dialectical songwriter, dialect lyricist and storyteller Wolfgang Buck comes to the concert stages in January 2021 with his new solo program "IECH WÄR DANN DO". He will play partly new, partly already known songs and make them sound new. For more than 30 years Wolfgang Buck has been playing his dialectical songs on the Franconian theatre and concert stages, but also in the rest of Germany. Connoisseurs of the curiosities of the Franconian dialect with all its bizarre, tender, sensitive, sneaky and funny subtleties will get their money's worth. All those who have always loved his wonderfully humorous and profound songs, but also all those who have never had the opportunity more …

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BEGIN: 15.01.21, 20:00 Uhr
END: 15.01.21, 23:00 Uhr

"I derf des" is written on Markus Langer's T-shirt. Big, middle of the chest. And the aspiring cabaret artist, who has often been compared to the rebellious pole, doesn't mean that selfishly. Rather, he is convinced that the happier ones are those who don't care what others think. Those who break roles and refuse expectations, ignore trends and use their time for really important things. Time millionaires. He brings his parodistically finely modelled types onto the stage with well-fitting punch lines. And of course the most famous of them, the viral anti-hero Sepp Bumsinger. The one who really doesn't shit himself! Or seasoned men who calmly drive a full-grown sow in the more …

Kabarettreihe, Veranstaltungen, Selb
BEGIN: 20.03.21, 20:00 Uhr
END: 20.03.21, 23:00 Uhr

„GLÜCK g’habt!“ – if you get mugged in Mexico in your sleep and come out of this number alive. „GLÜCK g’habt!“ – if you can't hear yourself snore. „GLÜCK g’habt!“ – is something Heinrich Del Core has been doing a lot of lately - and that's exactly what he is doing in his new program. Heinrich Del Core once again takes us on a journey through everyday life - absolutely bizarre, suitable for everyday use and crazy at the same time. This time it's all about luck - the Italo-Swabian doesn't stop at police checks and sauna visits. We will also explain in his inimitable way what the declaration of consent for sex in Sweden is all about. Even his holiday experiences and train rides up more …

Kabarettreihe, Veranstaltungen, Selb
BEGIN: 07.05.21, 20:00 Uhr
END: 07.05.21, 23:00 Uhr