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Porcelain Route International – Bavaria and the Czech Republic

Founded in the mid-1990s, the Porcelain Route Bavaria has established itself as a key institution for tourism. The Bavarian Porcelain Route runs an approx. 700 km-long course connecting historical and current porcelain locations.

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Even though the two regions had a common tradition, there was no connecting link to the Czech Republic. This deficiency was remedied in recent years with the support of the association “Porzellanstraße e. V.” and a partner in the Czech Republic in a cooperative project led by the special purpose organization “Zweckverband Deutsches PorzellanMuseum”. The aim was to connect the areas of Bavaria and Bohemia for tourism under the umbrella of porcelain.

In Bavaria, all of the information boards and existing publications were revised, expanded and printed in three languages. Offers were put together for various target groups and summarized as “tips”. A new travel guide was also created. The latest addition along the Porcelain Route in Bavaria are the five information terminals located at Porzellanikon – Staatliches Museum für Porzellan in Selb, at Hotel Alexandersbad in Bad Alexandersbad, in the Historical Museum in Bamberg, at the Erste Bayreuther Porzellanfabrik Siegmund Paul Meyer GmbH in Bayreuth and at the infopoint in the town of Weiden, as well as at seven locations along the Czech Porcelain Route. A travelling exhibition that stopped in Bad Alexandersbad, Selb, Carlsbad, Bayreuth and Weiden drew attention to the Porcelain Route and what it has to offer for tourists.