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Archives for Inventory Documentation

This includes the screening, recording, partial photographic documentation and processing, the creation of a finding aid and the indexing of the inventories of the German Porcelain Industry Central Archives (ZADP).

The inventories of the ZADP comprise several hundred metres of files from the last 150 years. Due to staff shortages, only basic archiving was possible. Another 800 boxes were added to the archives in the wake of the bankruptcy of Rosenthal AG. These documents include not only writings, leaflets, etc. but film and photographic material and much more. Original design concepts by artists are also included.

The work to be done here is essential for the preparation of exhibitions. This includes renovating rooms, setting up shelves, placing archival material into storage (also from Hohenberg) and reorganizing the Library. Cataloguing and archiving of inventories that have not been recorded yet is also planned.