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On Trend

"On Trend", ©Porzellanikon
"On Trend", ©Porzellanikon

We already encounter trends in the morning at breakfast: Not every cup is the same, for example – some have corners, others are round and colourfully striped...

We explore the Rosenthal Museum, determine shapes and colours and marvel at some of the latest and past trends. After that we create a big “Trend Nursery School”. There is only one rule: Everything that’s fun is allowed!

Location: Porzellanikon Selb
Age: four and up
Duration: 2 hours
Group size: max. 15 children per group; multiple groups can be supervised at the same time
Cost: €29 per tour, €3 per child
Registration: at least two weeks in advance by calling +49 9287 91800-48 or sending an email to museumspaedagogik(at)