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Animal Safari

HELP! See that dangerous tiger, how it’s getting ready to pounce with its razor-sharp teeth in its blood-red mouth?

Or the herd of wild horses over there? The way their tails are outstretched and their manes flap wildly in the wind, you almost think you can hear their galloping hooves and excited neighing! Elephants and penguins, colourful parrots and wolves, all sorts of birds and even polar bears or otherwise shy deer – you can discover all this on safari in our museum!

And every fearless explorer gets to decorate their own animal that they can take home with them.

Location: Porzellanikon Hohenberg
Age: Year (grade) 2-4
Curriculum reference: Primary school: Ku (art) 2.1, HSU (basic geography, history and general science) 3.5.2
Duration: 2 hours
Group size: max. 15 children per group; multiple groups can be supervised at the same time
Cost: €26 per guided tour; €1.70 material costs per child
Registration: At least two weeks in advance by calling +49 9287 91800-48 or sending an email to museumspaedagogik(at)

We are happy to organize programmes tailored to your specific needs and will help you plan project days and weeks or offer support with seminar projects and introductory scientific projects (P- und W-Seminare).