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Porzellanikon in Selb and Hohenberg an der Eger offers creative, age-level-appropriate programmes for children preschool age and up on the following topics: Porcelain Production, Design, Shaping and Forming, Ceramics in Everyday Life, Dining Culture and the Life of Porcelain Workers.

All of the different exhibits in the museum are designed in a way that makes them especially interesting and accessible for children and young adults. Visitors can even try out different work steps in the production of porcelain themselves at historical workstations. And the museum’s educational workshop is a place to work creatively with the versatile material porcelain.

Diverse programmes for young and old

For adults we offer a Varied Programme with lectures, thematic tours and cultural events. Porzellanikon’s comprehensive educational programme makes it a great place for extracurricular learning. The museum’s varied programme helps convey the significance of porcelain and thus pass on knowledge about the culture and tradition of the region of Upper Franconia.

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Break rooms are available at both museum locations. Please refer to the guidelines for school classes and supervised groups

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