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The special exhibition "MORE THAN BRICKS! Tradition and Future of Architectural Ceramics" at Porzellanikon in Selb is postponed.

After long deliberations, it is now official: the special exhibition "MORE THAN BRICKS! Tradition and Future of Architectural Ceramics", which was planned to run from March to October this year at Porzellanikon - Staatliches Museum für Porzellan, Hohenberg a. d. Eger and Selb, will be postponed for exactly one year. The new date has been set for 20 March to 3 October 2022. "We did not take the decision lightly. In view of the Corona restrictions that have prevailed for many months, a prompt opening date is out of the question: Travel restrictions at home and abroad have unfortunately made it impossible to collect any missing exhibits from the lenders and bring them to Selb," informs Anna Dziwetzki, director of the Porzellanikon. Chief curator of the exhibition, Thomas Miltschus, adds that it is a great pity to have to postpone the exhibition again: "But this is the only way that visitors can get the full experience with the time travel to the Porte Monumentale from 1900 and the hands-on stations". Museum educator Christoph Uhlig sees the use of the hands-on stations, where people build with different building blocks as well as with materials such as foam, sand and plasticine, as problematic: "These materials can only be disinfected at great expense. Thus, of nine hands-on stations, only three would have been usable when they opened this spring. It is equally impossible to use the stations together, as the spacing rules have to be observed. “

Glimpses behind the scenes of the exhibition can be seen and followed online on the website and on the museum's social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). Accompanying the exhibition, an image-rich publication is available at Porzellanikon. This can be purchased up to and including 5 April 2021 at a special price of 35.90 instead of 39.90 euros at info(at) or phone +49 9287-91800-0.

View of the exhibition during set-up. ©Porzellanikon