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"Art meets technology. Ceramics from the 3D Printer"

11 July 2020 to 24 January 2021

Printing objects in 3D yourself - what still sounds like music of the future opens up unimagined possibilities for artists and designers today. Exploring these possibilities was the goal of a competition organized by the "Keramion" museum in Frechen. The ten selected winners will now stop off at Porzellanikon in Selb.

The objects are presented in a highly filigree manner, which no ceramist with traditional techniques can match. They are creative, experimental and diverse, and show what 3D printing can do. The spectrum ranges from architectural designs and pieces of jewellery to absolute highlights for furnishing your own home. But also the answer to the question of HOW leaves nothing to be desired: Films and objects illustrate manufacturing techniques. And as an additional highlight, the new, in-house 3D printer will be printing live in the exhibition. 

Curator of the exhibition, Wolfgang Schilling, arouses curiosity about the special exhibition.
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Curator Wolfgang Schilling explains why old modelling turntables are being used in the new exhibition "KUNST TRIFFT TECHNIK. Ceramics from the 3D Printer" is on display...