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FORMVOLLENDET - Ceramic Design by Hans-Wilhelm Seitz - Curator's Tour with Chief Curator Petra Werner (Kopie 1)

"Daily", "Carat" and "Cucina" - these are just some of the many design classics created by Hans- Wilhelm Seitz. Many of us use these dishes every day without knowing that the designer practically lives and works in the neighbourhood. This is to change with the exhibition: Until the beginning of January 2022, the Porzellanikon in Hohenberg an der Eger will be showing the comprehensive work of the important ceramic designer. For 45 years, his ideas for ceramics have travelled from a small studio in Marktredwitz all over the world. His household and hotel tableware is used by millions - on a daily basis. This daily use, paired with lines, perfect proportions and pure elegance, that is the goal to which Hans-Wilhelm Seitz has dedicated himself. Successful series for the well-known porcelain companies Bauscher, Arzberg, Schönwald and SKV Porzellan-Union Schirnding prove him right. But Seitz can do even more: since 1996 he has been successfully designing roof ceramics for Erlus AG in Neufahrn, Lower Bavaria. It is therefore not surprising that Hans-Wilhelm Seitz has already received numerous design awards, including some of the coveted Red Dot Awards, such as in 2019 for the "Gastroline" tableware. In addition to the multitude of his designs and a huge table on which visitors can experience the multifunctional "Gastroline" collection, a varied accompanying programme frames the special exhibition. And with the help of the exhibition catalogue, the designer's elegant designs can be admired at home for a long time to come.

Price: € 1.00 Sunday admission plus € 3.50 guided tour, with registration

In cooperation with the European Route of Ceramics

BEGIN: 26.09.21, 14:30 Uhr
END: 26.09.21, 16:00 Uhr

In cooperation with the European Route of Ceramics