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Researchers' afternoon: Selbling Space Race

What does ceramic have to do with space travel? Quite a lot and no, it has nothing to do with flying saucers! Ceramic materials are indispensable for many areas of a spaceship because they have extreme properties: They can be very light, very strong and very heat resistant. We are going on an exciting journey and are not only exploring the world of high-tech ceramics in experiments, but also researching the basic principles that make space travel possible in the first place. Finally, we want to secure our little mascots, the Selflings, their place in the history of space travel and shoot them high up in the sky with home-made rockets.

Price: 3,00 € material costs, adults pay an additional 1,00 € Sunday entrance fee. With registration, from 8 years

BEGIN: 27.06.21, 14:30 Uhr
END: 27.06.21, 17:00 Uhr

Foto: Andreas Gießler, © Porzellanikon