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Porzellanikon – Staatliches Museum für Porzellan in Hohenberg an der Eger – takes you on a Journey Through the History of Porcelain. Everything that is made of porcelain and was produced in German-speaking Europe after 1708, when Johann Friedrich Böttger and Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus were the first in Europe to recreate the formula for making porcelain, and up until “Die Wende” in 1989: Porzellanikon has it.

The over 200,000 objects in the museum’s Specialist Collection – the only one of its kind throughout all of Europe – consider all facets of porcelain – from everyday dishes to Decorative Articles, figurines or porcelain for advertising purposes and much, much more. The museum curators in Hohenberg an der Eger offer all art lovers and porcelain enthusiasts an opportunity to have their own porcelain appraised by an expert during the legendary “Expertise Days”. Again and again, small treasures are discovered and some secrets revealed about the origin and history of pompous or at times inconspicuous objects. On request, those who are interested in researching the world of porcelain can be granted access to the largest German-language Library for porcelain located within Porzellanikon Selb.

More than just a visit to the museum
Every Saturday you have the opportunity to take part in a personal Porcelain Trip in addition to the classic museum visit. The personal tour begins at 10:30 am and ends at around noon. Visitors are then invited to enjoy a bountiful Franconian lunch of their choice at the “Altes Brennhaus” Restaurant. If there is enough time, the next item on the agenda is a shopping spree at the Rosenthal Outlet Center followed by a relaxing stop at the Fabrik Café. Show your ticket stub from your visit to the museum and get €5 off your purchase at the Rosenthal Outlet Center.