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Design is an integral part of the entire value chain from the initial concept to marketing activities. Moreover, it is becoming more common to include considerations and aspects in the development of products and services that place the focus on the user and how the products are used.

Products are becoming more and more alike due to increasing comparability of technical and functional features. This means design is a core competence that makes social and technological developments visible and understandable through innovative concepts.

25 years of design history in Selb
Those who are interested in taking a journey through the history of design of the past 25 years must visit Selb. The Exhibition “Design Innovations” examines functionality, innovation and characteristic style. The focus goes beyond the art of table setting in private homes. It also covers porcelain for catering services – an industry that has gained importance in recent years. Manufactory porcelain is also well represented. The pieces on display here are particularly exquisite and highlight the individual manufacturing techniques needed to make them.

Porcelain as part of our life
The Permanent Exhibition “Themes & Trends” traces the fate of porcelain and how it fits in our lifestyle. Themes ranging from opulent, puristic and classic styles, functional and modern designs, environmental awareness and sustainability to intercultural and innovative uses, concepts for young and old, ideal for home use and around the globe give visitors an overview of the porcelain industry’s main trends during the past 25 years. 

You can find out more about design and trends by taking part in the Porcelain Trip that is organized every Saturday.