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  • Design Innovations

  • Design Innovations


Design Innovations


Design expertise is reflected in the innovative use of new production methods, the combination of different materials, changes to product features or sustainable packaging strategies. Products are becoming more and more alike due to increasing comparability of technical and functional features. This makes design a core competence – one that plays a central role.

In addition to presenting products with remarkable designs, this exhibition showcases unusual concepts and even the designers themselves. It highlights artistic skill, characteristic style and elegance in shape and colour, design innovation and functionality with a focus that goes beyond private table setting and into the realm of gastronomy. Much has changed in recent decades. International influences on food culture and far-reaching changes in how we live are creating new situations and ways to eat. These days it is common to eat lunch at a bistro, university cafeteria or the shopping centre food court, to get a snack at the bakery around the corner, visit a casual restaurant or get a bite to eat during a business meeting. This also forces the porcelain industry to rethink its strategy. Bavaria in particular is home to porcelain brands with a production strategy focused on this “professional” segment. They come up with many exciting and creative product designs tailored to the needs of “out-of-home consumption” and show that this segment has gained great importance in recent years. 

Another point of interest are the manufactories, which use very sophisticated methods to produce these often smaller-quantity series or one-offs made for special customer orders. Custom production techniques and a lot of work by hand enable the manufactories to make porcelain for demanding buyers in the luxury segment.